Providing humane, no-kill options for homeless and neglected animals in Middle Tennessee

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While we are in transition, dog adoptions will take place at special adoption events or by appointment only.  Please email:  if you are interested in arranging an appointment to meet a particular animal.

Debbi Cure

Executive Director

 Debbi left a career in advertising to pursue a passion for working with animals in 2006.  After completing her training in grooming, she started as an Animal Care Tech at the Houston SPCA (HSPCA), working with small domestic animals and participating in large scale rescue and cruelty seizures.  Before long, her work involved horses, cattle, donkeys, mules, and goats.  Debbi worked independently with notorious cruelty cases featured on HSPCA’s Animal Cops television show, including Betsy the Brown Northern Bear and Henry the Chimp. Debbi later moved to Vet Services where she worked alongside six on-staff veterinarians providing surgery for both cruelty emergency cases and common spay/neuter surgeries.  

Debbi moved to Tennessee and began her career at HTH as the Shelter Manager in February, 2010.  She immediately introduced new programs to improve the health and well-being of the shelter animals. She was instrumental in getting the spay/neuter surgery suite completed in 2011.  Debbi assumed the Executive Director position in 2013, and she has recently navigated Happy Tales Humane through a major transition; moving to a new facility and re-opening in 2015.  Having worked in all aspects of the rescue industry, Debbi sees a bright future for Happy Tales as presenting a unique and quality adoption experience for the community. She shares her life with a vast crew of rescued animals including dogs: Abbey, Lily Hope, Sydney “Tiny”, Timmy and cats: Zoe and CiCi……and a fish named Ronnie Milsap.

Kate Runyan

Director of Community Relations & Donation Administrator

Kate joined Happy Tales Humane in 2011 after a 25-year career in speech-language pathology.  At Michigan State University, Kate led a team of therapy dog handlers in a research study assessing reading success with children and therapy dogs. She also worked with her own therapy dog in a hospital rehabilitation setting. Through this work she discovered a passion for the human-animal bond, and after moving to Tennessee in 2009, she went on to get certified in Canine Massage Therapy.  Kate first joined Happy Tales as the Adoption Coordinator and then Shelter Manager. She and her husband Dave have 2 children, and they share their home with an array of dogs and cats. 

Kayla Wright

Retail Management

Kayla comes to Happy Tales Humane with almost 10 years of retail experience and a love for animals.  Kayla shares her life with her beloved canine companion,Tate, whom she adopted a little over a year ago.  She credits Tate for changing her life in the best way possible. Kayla and Tate enjoy spending time together outdoors especially in the summertime. 

Samantha Summar

Administrator of Veterinary Services

Sam graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BS in evolutionary biology.  She has owned and been owned by many animals over the years from tree frogs and trapdoor spiders to the more common household pets. Sam feels that if she had been born 200 years ago, she would have been a naturalist like Charles Darwin, observing and cataloging everything that creeps, crawls, slithers and swims.  Sam is excited to be a part of the Happy Tales family, surrounded by animals and animal lovers alike.  And…she promises to keep her bug collection tucked away at home.

Tracy Fulton

Animal Care and Adoption Coordinator

Tracy's ties with Happy Tales go back to the fall of 2000 when she adopted a black and white kitten named Little Miss Molly.  Tracy volunteered with Happy Tales in 2013, and became an official member of the team in 2015.  In addition to Molly, Tracy and her husband Paul are also caretakers of a Snowshoe cat (a stray who came to stay) named Ella, and a Shetland Sheepdog rescue named Sadie.  Ella and Sadie are both therapy animals, and they each (separately) have accompanied Tracy on visits to local hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.  Tracy was registered as a Pet Partners therapy animal handler in 2012.  She is excited to be a part of the dedicated team caring for animals at Happy Tales Humane.


Happy Tales Humane is unable to hold or accept stray and lost animals at this time.  However, we can provide you with the following information to assist you in helping the animal.

Check for a Microchip

If the animal is not wearing a tag containing the owner's contact information, a verterinary clinic or animals shelter will be able to scan the animal for a microchip..

Report the Lost Animal to the Necessary Authorities

It is important to immediately report all found animals to the local animal control in the county in which you found the animal.  There is a good chance that someone is looking for the animal and they will likely contact the animal shelter.

Post Flyers

If you are not certain whether the animal is a lost or stray animal, it is best to post "Found Dog/Cat" signs in the area where the animal was found as well as in veterinary offices, local supermarkets, coffee houses and other public areas. You should include a photo and brief description of the found animal and your contact information.  If you are caring for the animal, be sure to post a flyer at the local animal control facility.

Lost/Found Listing

Post an online Lost/Found listing on as many websites as possible.  Include a photo and information about the date found, location, a brief description of the animal and contact information.  For a listing on Happy Tales Humane's website, send the above information to

Advice about lost/stray animals from the Humane Society of the United States


Before You Surrender Your Pet

We understand that in some circumstance, pet owners believe they cannot keep their pet.  When you surrender an animal to a shelter, the transition can be difficult.  Shelters are stressful environments for even the most well-adjusted animal.  Surrendering your pet to an animal shelter should be viewed as a last resort.  Before you make the final decision, consider the following:

  • Consult a trainer or behaviorist for help with common behavioral problems
  • Talk with your veterinarian to rule out possible medical issues your pet may be experiencing
  • Look for an alternative place to that accepts pets
  • Explore your networks to help find a new home for your pet - friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, vet offices, social or church groups or local businesses

Surrender Procedures at Happy Tales Humane

Animal surrenders are managed on an appointment only basis after a surrender application has been completed and returned.  Applications will be reviewed, and an appointment may be scheduled based on a number of factors including space available and the age, health and temperament of the animal.  A surrender fee is required to help cover necessary expenses.  Appointments for admission to HTH are not guaranteed.  If we are unable to accept an animal for any reason, we will do our best to offer an alternative solution.

To request a surrender application:

 email:   or   call:   615-261-7387 (ext. 207)